Patients can be admitted to Summit Clinic by any of the following methods:
Self -admission
General Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist
Any other health-care professional

Rondebosch Medical Centre has a 24 hour emergency unit which is linked to
Summit Clinic. In such cases the patient is simply brought to the emergency unit
who will treat and stabilise the patient and then arrange for the patient to be
brought up to Summit Clinic.

Weekend Admissions:
Patients are to present to the Rondebosch Medical Centre General Reception who
will arrange their admission to Summit Clinic.

Self -Admissions:
Patients who believe that they need assistance and admit themselves directly to the
clinic need to go via ER ( Emergency Room) and will then be referred to Summit
Clinic and will be allocated a Psychiatrist who will then be responsible for their
care. This Psychiatrist will then allocate a Clinical Psychologist for individual
psycho-therapy if this is deemed to be necessary.

Medical aids
Summit Clinic is contracted in to most medical aids. We are happy to conduct your
pre-authorization needs. All medical aids usually pay for a full 21 day in patient stay
and covers all clinical costs, ward fees, group therapies and medication. We have a
policy of charging strictly in line with the medical aid rates. All our service providers
have also committed to adhering to this policy.

Private Patients
Private patients should speak with the Administration Manager to negotiate an
appropriate rate. Private patients are also encouraged to negotiate their fees with
the professional service providers. All service providers have committed to being
amenable to negotiating their fees with you. 


  • Mood disorders

  • Bipolar affective disorder

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Panic disorders

  • Phobias


  • Post- traumatic stress disorders

  • Complex consequences associated with traumatic events

  • Post-natal disorders


  • Psychotic disorders (without significant behavioural disturbances)


  • Problems related to low self-esteem

  • Problems related to poor social skills

  • Substance abuse