Addiction Treatment Centre

Summit Clinic is registered with the Department of Social Development in the
Western Cape. We are able to rehabilitate and treat 16 adults suffering from
Substance Abuse and other addictions in the comfort of a world class environment.
The unit will be managed by its very own team of multidisciplinary professionals
under the supervision of Dr Rehana Kader, herself an expert in the field of
Substance Abuse.

The unit embodies our core values - integrity, professionalism, respect for human
dignity and transparency. We endeavour to provide personal and quality service
with attention to every detail. 

The comprehensive programme incorporates the collective capacities of its mental
health specialists to provide individualised care that is affordable and accessible
without any compromise on accepted professional standards. Summit Clinic is
unique in that it is able to provide professional care in the warmth and comfort of
an intimate, home-based environment that addresses the specific needs of the
individual, family and community. We are pleased that we can provide this level of
care for those recovering from addiction.

The mental health team consists of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists,
Occupational Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Professional Counsellors and
Addiction Specialists. They are assisted by a skilled team of Nursing Practitioners
and Administration Staff. More than just clinical, our programme is also supported
by holistic healing activities that include Art Therapy, Yoga, Massage Therapy,
Reflexology and more. 

We provide individual assessments and counselling, group psychotherapeutic

mes, psychiatric care and treatment, family support and family therapy - all
within a safe and secure environment. This is followed by 6 months of reintegration
and aftercare to assist patients in making healthy behavioural changes and lifestyle
choices to regain their former self.

The 21-day programme is funded by most medical aids and affordable packages for
those without a medical insurance. 


  • Mood disorders

  • Bipolar affective disorder

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Panic disorders

  • Phobias


  • Post- traumatic stress disorders

  • Complex consequences associated with traumatic events

  • Post-natal disorders


  • Psychotic disorders (without significant behavioural disturbances)


  • Problems related to low self-esteem

  • Problems related to poor social skills

  • Substance abuse